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Cali Tucker performs at SXSW in Austin, TX

NASGO Co-founder Eric Tippetts will conduct a session on Thursday evening, 5:00 p.m. on March 7, at Rustic Tap to demonstrate with Johnny Zozzaro of Media Tech Ventures the value and power of blockchain and tokenization to artists and music performers, followed by live performances from country singers Cali Tucker and Craig Wayne Boyd.

In addition to her Thursday night performance, country music star Cali Tucker (daughter of singer LaCosta Tucker and niece of Tanya Tucker), who premiered her own career on Season 6 of “The Voice” will perform a pop up concert on Friday night at the Kung Fu Saloon and as a “lunch takeover” Saturday noon at Unbarlievable. The public is welcome to all events until the venues reach capacity.

Tucker, a popular singer who has released two albums including “Cover Girl,” in early 2017, and performs nightly at Station Casinos, one of the largest casino properties in Las Vegas. In October 2018, Tucker was one of three music artists (and the first country artist) to announce the intent to release future music via tokenization at the NASGO Celebration event in the Dolby Theater. Tucker is in the process of developing a branded token for her fans and followers to use in purchasing music and to gain rewards such as early access to new releases and VIP seating at her performance events.

“Tokenization is a remarkable way to eliminate the gap between artists and fans,” Tucker said. “It empowers artists to bring their new material forward more quickly and to expand it instantly and more broadly to listeners and viewers worldwide. I’m very excited to be helping to pioneer this critical development that will take the industry of music to new realms.”

Tucker has been recording with platinum-selling Grammy-nominated producer G’harah “PK” Degeddingseze, known for his work with artists such as Chris Brown, Janet Jackson and others. With the increasing buzz she is creating, the team hopes to have her be a part of a tour this year when her current album is complete.

Tucker notes that her upcoming EP in 2019 will include distribution via tokenization through her partnership with NASGO. Attendees can experience Tucker’s pop up performances live on Thursday and Friday night and Saturday noon in Austin. Fans can join also join portions of the experience via NASGO’s Facebook account at

“We are extremely pleased at NASGO’s rapid growth in all regions, to provide artists like Cali Tucker, individuals, and SMBs and SMEs with tools to produce revenue and traction,” said Tippetts. “It is our mission to making the Blockchain available, transparent and pervasive to everyone as a means of advancing their businesses, supporting their chosen philanthropies and giving new strength to regional and national economies throughout the world.”

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