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Cali Tucker Is More Than Her Famous Last Name

Meet Cali Tucker: daughter of Country Music’s LaCosta Tucker and niece of Country Music Legend, Tanya Tucker. Cali got her start at the young age of 4 with TV appearances on Hee Haw, charity events, and live shows.

She’s performed with Tanya at the Grand Ole Opry and she’s been a performer at Dolly Parton’s ‘Dollywood’.

At the age of 18 she won the prestigious title of Miss Teen All American and traveled the country as the rep and spokesperson. Most recently, Cali toured across the US and Canada as Tanya Tucker’s backup singer, which also gave her the opportunity to entertain the crowd with her own music. Now, Cali has set her sights on becoming the next generation of ‘Tucker’.

Cali was kind enough to allow us some time to get to know her by answering some questions for us.

KICK-FM: Where do you call home?

Nashville!!! As much as I’ve traveled and seen the world the one and only place I wanna call home is here in Nashville. I was born in Phoenix, AZ but we moved here when I was 3. So I consider myself to be a native.

KICK-FM: What and/or who influenced you to make music?

My family obviously had a major influence in my decision to pursue music as a career. But growing up I used to secretly listen to rock and roll and I was changed forever!

KICK-FM: When did you sing your first song? When did you write your first tune?

If you go back and watch old videos of my growing up I was singing all the time. Tanya and my Mom used to pull me up on stage with them at concerts and sing. I learned to love the stage early on and truly started developing my craft as a song writer around 16.

KICK-FM: Do you have any new projects you’re currently working on?

I’m always working on new ideas for my show, using new and different instruments, writing songs no one else will, and continuing trying to reinvent myself as an artist.

KICK-FM: How do you use social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach your fans?

All of the above are amazing tools to reach out to fans and make new ones. I wish I loved being on the computer but I’m really bad at. Its really hard for me to sit down and spend time networking online. I’d rather be out shaking someone’s hand.

KICK-FM: What’s next for you for the rest of 2012 and 2013?

I’m lookin forward to finishing my record and continue touring with my band

KICK-FM: If someone listens to just one song of yours …which one should it be and why?

I have a song that will be released with the full record called “Jesus Will Forgive You.” Its like a kick in the stomach. It a “no excuses” message and truly one the most honest songs I’ve ever written and therefore one of my favorites.

LaCosta Tucker (Cali's Mom)

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